Prayer Q&A with COR Pastors

The following video features a Q&A session about prayer with pastors from the Churches of Rome. We addressed some insightful inquiries during the session. Here are the individual questions along with their respective timestamps:

- Can you explain the importance of prayer? 2:45

- Is everyday conversation with God considered prayer? How formal or informal are we supposed to be during prayer? 6:26

- How do you get past the feeling that you are talking "to thin air"? 11:35

- How do you quiet your mind so that you can listen to God and not only talk to him? 18:05

- How do you handle unanswered prayer? Can you pray the same things over and over? 25:30

- Does prayer change God's mind? If God is sovereign, why do we pray? 34:52

- You mentioned that we live in the upside down world and face down prayer is actually facing God. Can you explain a bit more about this? 43:10

- Does God hear the prayers of unbelievers? 48:25

- How do you identify the holy spirit's voice from your own? 53:30