Previous Testimonies

Below are just a few of the stories and testimonies we've gathered over the last several years regarding what God has done through a focused time of fasting. As we fast, and even after the fast when there's been time to reflect, we encourage you to visit the Stories page and share what the Lord has been teaching you or your family during this time of focus.
  • Our family all did the 21 day fast. My children touched my heart by sticking with it and being excited and telling others…Friends, teachers, and family knew about what we were doing. The main thing that I needed to let go of was the desire to have a baby, we had been trying for a year. (I did not know that He had already blessed me…I am 1 week pregnant! And by fasting have been eating 'healthier' than I ever have.) GOD IS SO AWESOME!!
  • It has given me more drive in my personal relationship with God. Something between Him and me.
  • As a newly single mom, I struggle with how I will provide for my children and myself.  What I cling to is that I don’t have to worry about how we’ll survive, because If I put my trust in God in regard to my finances, my ability to effectively parent my children, His provision for my emotional needs (loneliness etc.), spiritual needs, mental needs, and physical needs He will provide. He does have an awesome plan for my children and for me that He will reveal to me in His time. He is in control of my life, not me.
  • I’ve learned to trust God in every situation even more than before. I was able to share about the fast with several co-workers that do not attend church or have Christ in their lives. I pray that God will continue to use me to share the desire to call on Him to help me get through the tough times like He has done during the past 21 days.
  • I have learned that God puts people in our lives for specific reasons and we must be careful to stay close to the Lord and follow His instructions, not our agendas. I have learned to truly hear God speaking to me and find it amazing how easy it is to know what comes from God and what doesn’t. When there is no peace in your heart about something- it’s definitely not from God and how truly wonderful and loving the peace is (in your heart) when it IS from God. He makes it so simple for us to hear Him.
  • 21 Days ago I was extremely bitter about having lost my job. It is ironic that the 21 day challenge ended the exact day I am to move from Rome to Florida. God has truly shown me Himself in packing up and moving me on to a new place where He can show me who He has made me to be.
  • I found out I can be faithful to God. Believe that God can forgive me for my past and call me friend. I found out I won’t die with out eating or drinking certain things. I believe I am closer to God. I have been able to hear God speak to me about things I need to do and not do.
  • God continues to stretch me. I am starting to give my tithe off the very top of the money I receive every month. It is a scary thing-I never have that amount of money left at the end of the month. I will trust God! He has answered prayer and provided a necessary car for my daughter. He provided money for my children to go to camp, which is so needed for them. He provided counseling for my son. He has said to me that He will provide what matters. Thank you God for teaching me to walk in freedom in the midst of extremely difficult circumstances.
  • During this fast, god has shown me His beauty- even in limited food choices, eating what comes most directly from Him- the choices seem limitless! He has given me dreams and desires that persist and He is showing me He will provide the way. He’s also done a bunch of cleaning out my well, finally freeing me of things that have stubbornly clung to me( or I’ve clung to).
  • I love food, all kinds and lots of it, although, you can’t really tell because God has blessed me with a fast metabolism. Needless to say that this 21 days fast has been very humbling. I committed to starving the flesh and dig into God’s word and prayer, thus, bringing our relationship closer. Given my family’s current circumstance, I have never been more dependent on God. This is a true test of faith and I’m desperately seeking God’s plan for my life. I’m excited to see what He has in store!
  • Our five year old came to us with her rice bowl bank full of money. She looked at me and said, “I want to give this to kids who need it.” Its amazing to me that a five year old has blessed our family. We are going to take her buy food for the needy kids with that money. She is going to donate the money to FCBA. Her willingness has taught me I need to be open with my whole heart with the Lord.