Why should I fast?

In Matthew 5:18 Jesus says, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled."  Extreme physical hunger and/or thirst is not something most of us have experienced because we are blessed to live in a country of plenty.  All of us however have experienced moments where we have said "I'm starving."  When those "I'm starving" moments come, we are willing to light the fuse and strap a stick of dynamite to pretty much any obstacle that stands between our hunger and being filled.

When we fast we are making the choice to light the fuse and strap a stick of dynamite to a "normal activity" in our lives so that we can seek God without distraction.  

In Proverbs 8, God promises that if we seek Him we will find Him.

Why should you fast?  Because fasting...

  • Is a vital part of that 3-fold chord of each Christian’s duty that Jesus outlines in Matthew 6: “When you give. . .” and “When you pray. . .” and “When you fast.”
  • Brings you into a deeper, more intimate and powerful relationship with the Lord.
  • Gives God the opportunity for a breakthrough in your life.  Every example of fasting in scripture brought reward.
  • Prepares the way for God to give you fresh revelation, fresh vision, and clear purpose.
  • Helps you “spring clean” in a spiritual sense because it makes you sensitive to the desire of the Lord. Un-forgiveness, bitterness, and the like can all be linked to illnesses, fatigue, stress, and more.
  • Helps you separate what you want from what you need.  It causes you to focus on those things that really matter.
  • Can help you tear down the "high places" and "idols" in your life.
  • Makes you more sensitive to the voice of God, thus, becoming more effective under the leading of His Holy Spirit.
  • Helps you establish dominion and authority over your flesh.  Selfish ambition and pride will be affected and removed from you for greater effectiveness in your life for Him.
  • Releases the anointing, the favor, and the blessing of God in your life.

The Lord will guide you continually.  Though the path before you may be obscure, when you fast and pray in faith, God will reward you and guide you.  “Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it’” (Isaiah 30:21).

“You shall raise up the foundations of many generations” (Isaiah 58:12). When you fast, you begin to lay a spiritual foundation that not only affects your life, but it will affect the generations to come after you.